I have 30+ years of industrial and academic experience. I have worked for 5 different North American companies and have gained experience in Robotics, Control, PLC Programming, Power Systems, HV transformers and training. In my Ph.D., I have worked on my doctoral thesis, at the University of Windsor, in the area of MEMS which have generated 4 US patents in application of MEMS to the design of automotive collision systems. Toyota and Magna International have showed interest in my work and have invited us to give a presentation on our system. My doctoral research work was sponsored by Auto 21 and the Ontario Centre of excellence. I have published 7 conference papers and 3 journals.  

I am a hard working individual who is willing to share knowledge and collaborate with co-workers. I do not shy from difficult engineering problems and I am able to work from concept to final product. I am loyal to the place that I work in and can work at any engineering level position from staff member as part of a group to management.