Biography of Maher Nawkhass

       Nawkhass is a dedicated mathematics lecturer currently serving at Salahaddin University's College of Education. With a strong passion for education and a profound understanding of mathematical concepts, Nawkhass has been instrumental in shaping the minds of aspiring mathematicians and educators.    

       Nawkhass embarked on their academic journey by earning a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Mathematics in 2008 from Salahaddin University. This foundational education laid the groundwork for their future endeavors in the field of mathematics.

       Driven by a desire to delve deeper into their subject of interest, Nawkhass pursued further education and earned a Master of Science (M.Sc) degree in Mathematics in 2014. This advanced degree equipped them with specialized knowledge and research skills that would later benefit their students and academic career.

       As a mathematics lecturer, Nawkhass has been an influential figure in the College of Education at Salahaddin University. They have honed their teaching expertise, combining a comprehensive understanding of mathematical principles with effective pedagogical methods. Their ability to simplify complex mathematical concepts and engage students in interactive learning experiences has earned them a reputation as an exceptional educator.

       Nawkhass is deeply committed to fostering a positive learning environment and empowering students to excel in mathematics. They continually strive to inspire and motivate their students, encouraging them to think critically, solve problems creatively, and develop a genuine appreciation for the subject.

       In addition to their teaching responsibilities, Nawkhass remains actively engaged in ongoing research in the field of mathematics. They are dedicated to expanding their own knowledge and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the discipline. Their research contributions further enrich their teaching methodologies and inspire their students to explore the frontiers of mathematics.

       Nawkhass's dedication to academic excellence, combined with their exceptional teaching abilities, has garnered respect and admiration from both colleagues and students. Their impact extends beyond the classroom, as they continue to make significant contributions to the field of mathematics education.

       Outside of academia, Nawkhass enjoys exploring mathematical puzzles and challenges, participating in professional development opportunities, and engaging in collaborative projects with fellow educators. Their commitment to continuous growth and improvement reflects their unwavering passion for mathematics and education.