Sami Mahdi Ahmed

He was born in Erbil in 1972 and attended primary and secondary school in Erbil. In 1990 joined to College of Agriculture, Field Crops Department - Mosul University. In 1995 graduated from the College and worked from 1995 till 1997 as a manager of poultry farms in North Poultry Company in Erbil. In 1998 traveled to Turkey for studying master's degree. In 2003, obtained a master's degree in poultry nutrition from the Department of Animal Production, College of Agriculture - Ege University in Izmir - Turkey. After returning home in 2003, he worked in broiler production in own farm. In 2004 he worked as an assistant lecturer at the College of Agriculture at Koya University / Forestry Department where he taught the principles of animal production, feed production and animal production machinery. In 2008 he moved to the Department of Animal Production College of Agriculture Salahuddin University and still continuing until today, where he teaches the management of poultry and poultry nutrition. Outside the university, he worked from 2011 to 2014 as administrator of the nutrition department at Vano Poultry Production Company and currently works as a local advisor to the Turkish BAF company for feed additives production and premixes. He also works as a nutrition consultant for the Between feed mill in Rania / Sulaymaniyah. He is good in computer usage and he can speak Arabic and Turkish very well and English well. Currently he Lives in Erbil city.