I graduate from Salahaddin University in 1996 (Ranked 2nd in Department) worked as assistant biology for 12 years. In 2012 I finished my MSc degree in Immunology of HCV and HBV seropositive type 2 Diabetic patients at Microbiology department/ Hawler Medical University –Erbil, and start as Assistant Lecturer Teaching Practical Immunology, Practical Pathogenic bacteria, Practical Zoology, Practical Physiology at (Shaqlawa) Education college, and Theoretical Immunology and Virology at (Shaqlawa) Education college. From 2015 to 2020  a Ph.D. Student at College of Medicine/ University of Sulaimani. currently, I am a staff of the biology department.

        One of the basic tasks of biology concept teaching is to improve students' scientific literacy. Improve teaching methods and optimize biology course teaching way by using the basic features of biology teaching, combined with the new education idea. This can make students form correct scientific attitudes, research methods, and the concept of life science, and establish their scientific worldview in learning biology.