Dr. Ahmed Hasan is a lecturer in Civil Engineering Department - College of Engineering - Salahaddin University. Dr. Hasan received his Ph.D in Geotechnical Engineering from University of Glasgow, Glasgow-UK in 2016. He has published a number of papers in international and national journals and conferences. He was an Editor for a year in the Civil Engineering Department (2009-2010).  Dr. Hasan is interested in researching on different topics such as expensive soils, small and large strain behaviour of saturated and unsaturated soils, stone columns and soil anisotropy. He is a member of Kurdistan Engineer Union from 1997, Institution of Civil Engineers ICE, UK from 2014 and Iraqi Geotechnical Society IGS, 2021. He has been a lecturer at different under-graduate courses such as Foundation Engineering, Soil Mechanics, Tunnel Engineering, Computer programming and numerical methods C++, Civil drawing and post-graduate courses such as constitutive modelling of soils. In addition, He supervised one MSc student and several Engineering projects for undergraduate students. He designed and checked a number of Geotechnical engineering infrastructures such as contiguous pile wall, silo foundations. A number of technical geotechnical reports of site investigations have been prepared.