B.Sc.   Engineering Geology , salahaddin university 

         Erbil , iraq                     1982

M.Sc. stratigraphy and sedimentology , salahaddin 

        university   Erbil, iraq  1988

ph.D. sequence stratigraphy , Baghdad university       

          Baghdad, iraq    1999


2011-2018     Professor in Department of Geology-Salahaddin University

2004-2010    Dean of College of Engineering ,University of Koya ,Erbil                                ,Iraq-Teaching   Foundation of Dams& Quaternary                                              sediment at Department of Geotechnics 

2000-2018     Supervising  six Ph.D. students and Six M.Sc. students in 

                         the field of  Stratigraphy , sedimentology , Geotechnics, 

                           Hydrogeology and 1 student Geography/Geomorphology 

2000-2005   Food and Agriculture Organization of the Unitrd Nation, iraq,         Kurdistan-  Prepared eight internal reports about regional geology,              ground water ,   geological mapping and hydrology

2000-2004   Assistance Professor ,Department of geology ,University of          Salahaddin- taught sedimentary rock ,stratigraphy, Geology of Iraq,           Geology of the middle  east, Geotectonics, and sequence  


1995-2000    Ph.D. Student ,Baghdad University /Dep of Geology,  

      Baghdad , Iraq

1991-1995  lecturer ,Department of Geology ,University of salahaddin 

         taught Geology of Iraq, stratigraphy, sedimentology, crystallography

1988-1991    Assistant lecturer, Department of Geography/College of 

         Art  , University of salahaddin-taught Geomorphology , Geology ,

           Natural Resource , Geography of  Europe, Geography of   Asian ,

             Natural Geography  Applied Geomorphology of MSc. Student 

            Geomorphology of Iraqi kurdistan region/PhD. Student

1985-1988  M.Sc. Student in Salahaddin University Dep. of Geology

1983-1985    Assistant Geologist, State Organization of

                     Phosphate/Akashat/Al-Qaim- Baghdad, Iraq

1981-1982                Solder in Iraqi Armey