Prof. Dr. Aryana Ibrahim Muhammed,

                Professor, Journalism (Journalistic Technique) Stylistic.


                Language:           Kurdish Native (Sorani, Kurmanji with both scripts), Arabic and English

Academic Background and Researches:

-           Professor, Journalism (Journalistic Technique_Stylistic) . Erbil, 2021

-          Assistant Professor, Journalism (Journalistic Technique_Stylistic)..Erbil, 2015

Work Experience and Training:

-          Lecturer: Media Department/College of Arts/ Salahaddin University … Erbil, 2005 – Present

-          Media Superintendent: Cultural and Social Center of Salahaddin University, Media coverage and Summarize of Salahaddin University-(2012-2017)

-          Member of Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate

-          Founder and First Editor of “Zankoi New” magazine by Presidency of Salahaddin University

-          Participation in many scientific conferences in and out of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. Variety of workshops and conferences. And, participated as a speaker in Tens of seminars as a journalist specialist.

-          Participated as a committee member in Many Masters and Doctoral thesis discussions.

-          Advisor for many Masters and Doctoral Thesis.

           Publications: (27books and 33research)