- PhD in Highway and Traffic Engineering-University of Baghdad-Baghdad-      Iraq - 2000

-M.Sc in Civil Engineering – Transportation Engineering - University of  Salahaddin - Erbil - 1991

-B.Sc in Civil Engineering - University of Salahaddin - Erbil - 1987

Summary of Professional skills and/or expertise:

- More than 31years experience in teaching undergraduate students.

- More than 21years experience in teaching and Supervising the post  graduate students

- Doing Post Doctorate Research.

- Designing, Consulting and Management of Highway Projects with  Engineering Consulting Bureau - University of Salahaddin as Designer &  Consultant Engineer

- From 6/2000 to 12/2000 : I worked as surveying engineer with FAO  organization 

- Computer skills (softwares).

- From 2/2000 to 3/2000: I Participated  as lecturer in training course in  Advanced Microsoft Excel  for  HABITAT  organization employees-Erbil.

- From 4/1998 to 9/1998 : I Participated  as lecturer in training course for   General directorate of Irrigation and Dams Engineers on behalf of  FAO  organization

- From 7/1987 to 9/1988 : I worked as volunteer site engineer in Iraq  Expressway No. 1 

Membership in Organizations:

- Member of Iraq Engineer Union, ID No.: 49026

- Member of Kurdistan Engineer Union, Arbil- ID No:  2239



- PhD – Development of Models for CO Emissions at Signalized Intersection  in Erbil City

- M.Sc- Development of Passenger Car Equivalencies for Heavy Vehicles


- Prediction of Over Consolidation Ratio for Erbil Clays

- Development of Models for CO Emissions at Signalized Intersection in Erbil  City

- Development of Models for HC Emissions at Signalized Intersection in Erbil  City

- A Study of Flow – Speed – Density Relationship in Duhok city road network

- Driver Behavior During Amber at Signalized Intersections in Erbil City

- Driver Behavior During All Red Interval at Signalized Intersections in Erbil  City

- Fixed – Time Signal Coordination in Sulaimani City

- Influence of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Polymer Modification on Local    Asphalt Characteristics

- Intelligent Extended Floating Car Data Collection

- Using GPS in vehicle for trip time, distance, speed, acceleration,  deceleration extraction

- Towards Improving U-Turn Traffic Data Acquirement by Unmanned Aerial  Vehicle

- Feasibility of using drone pictures for surveying accident location as an  efficient method

- Development of Traffic Accident Analysis System in Erbil City Using laser  scanner

- Study of Crumb Rubber Modified Local Asphalts Using Classical Asphalt  Tests

- Coordination of Traffic Signals on Arterial Streets in Duhok City

- Estimation of Time-Dependent Delay Models at Actuated Traffic Signals in Duhok City

- Influence of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Polymer on Local

- Vehicle Traffic Volume and Origen-Destination Characteristics for Erbil Rural Highways

-Compaction Effort Evaluation of Crumb Rubber Modified Hot Mix Asphalt

- Influence of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene Polymer on Local

Conference Contributions

- Fourth Scientific & Engineering Conference–College of Engineering–  University of Baghdad 18–20/11/1997

- First Higher Education Conference in Kurdistan Region – Iraq, Erbil  21 – 23  April 2001


- Mother tongue: Kurdish

- Other languages. Arabic, English, Turkish


1-      Highway Traffic Accidents

2-      Aircraft Data for Airport Geometric Design

3-      Traffic Engineering and ITS

4-      The Latest WHO Statistics on Road Traffic Accidents

5-      SUPERPAVE-Mix Design

6-      SUPERPAVE-Asphalt Tests

7-      SUPERPAVE Implementation in Kurdistan

8-      Special Sections of Roads

9-      Pavement Evaluation Technologies

10-  Pavement Design

11-  Special civil airports

12-  Asphalt Mix Performance Tester

13-  Railway Track Engineering

14-  Comparison between Marshall and SUPERPAVE Mix Design Procedures

15-  Highway Traffic Signs

16-  Highway Traffic Markings

17-  Runway Length Corrections and Field Requirements

18-  Instrument Landing System (ILS)

19-  3D Laser Scanning for Road Safety and Accident Reconstruction

20-  Traffic congestion

21-  Traffic Calming

22-  Highway Transportation System and 3Es

23-  Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in Pavement Engineering

24-  The smart road and recent trends in intelligent transportation systems 

25-  Vehicle Traffic Volume and Origin Destination Characteristics for Erbil Rural Highways

26-  Driver Behaviour During All Red Interval at Signalized Intersections

27-  Singing Roads

28-  On-Street Running Train

29-  Where the planes park

30-  Airport Lighting and Marking

31-  Dynamic Traffic Light Sequence

32-  Effects of cross wind on aircraft

33-  Highway Lanes for Special Traffic

34-  Intelligent highway maintenance

35-  Intelligent Traffic Signs

36-  Lane grouping and Right Turn on Red at signalized intersections

37-  Pavement distresses

38-  Railway lighting and marking

39-  Special Civil Airports

40-  Special Sections of Roads

41-  The Latest Global WHO Statistics of Road Accidents

42-  Traffic Management and Area Traffic Control

43-  Traffic Measurement and Monitoring Tools

44-  What Does the Writing on Tire Side Wall Means?

45-  Exit Taxiway