I am Awara, I graduated from Geology Department, College of Science at Salahaddin University in 2006.  After graduation, I worked as a laboratory demonstrator in our department from nearly mid of 2007 to Oct/17/2008. In October 2008, I was accepted in a Masters Program at Salahaddin University in the specialty of petrography and geochemistry of volcanic rocks. In January 2011, I got masters degree in geology/geochemistry. I became assistant lecturer and taught optical mineralogy, igneous and metamorphic petrography in geology department of Salahaddin university. In 2020, I  got PhD in the School of Earth Science, University of Glasgow-UK. In my PhD I focused on understanding long-term landscape evolution, determining erosion rates and sediment yields over geological time scales and understanding the role of tectonics, and climate in controling rates of long-term landscape change. I used low temperature thermochronology techniques, namely  AFT (apatite fission track) and AHe (apatite helium) techniques together with joint thermal inversion model of both the AFT and AHe data to simultaneously obtain the thermal history and an estimate of the palaeothermal-gradient from five vertical profiles across the Scottish Highland.