I awarded M.Sc. of animal physiology in 1996 and pursuit in biology department, college of science, Salahaddin University in 1996 as assistant lecturer. Then, I started to work in the same department, as an assistant lecturer. Then I finished the Ph.D. in Babylon- University and then upgrading to lecturer in 2007 and to assistance professor in 2011 and professor in 2023.

The teaching experience is both theoretical and practical including:


1-      Animal physiology.

2-      Hematology.

3-      Ecophysiology.

4-      Histology and embryology.

5-      Cell biology.

6-      General biology.

7-      Invertebrate.

8-      Biostatistics.

9-      Endocrinology.


1-      Reproductive physiology.

2-      Endocrinology.

3-      Advanced Hematology.

2013-2014   Supervising MSc Student.

2013-2016   Supervising Ph.D. Student.

2018-2020   Supervising MSc Student.

2019- 2022 Supervising Ph.D. Student.



During 2013 I become the supervisor of  the library of the college of science.