faten  mohammed  abed . i got my master degree from  ( Al  mansoura university , Egypte , 2015 ) ,  i have started working   at french department  ,college of languages , salahaddin university since   it was established   in 2004  and still currently working there  ,  i'm   the author  of   " l'occupation américaine et le terrorisme à traverse les sirènes de bagdad de yasmina khadra" ,  in  2015  , i have published   research  about the litterature francophone at al Azhar university , collage  of  languages   and  translation  ,  , Egypte , n 8  , 2015 in addition i have published tow researchers   , the first one under the title of "the violence à traverser Meursault contre enquête de kamel daoud  " have been published at  on january  2020 ,  and  the second under title "l'image  de la guerre à traverse le sang des autres de Simon du beauvoir " have been published at sallahdinne university on february 2021