Fattma Zrar Mohammed is presently working as Assistant Lecturer at Department of Biology in College of Science, Salahaddin University. Erbil/Iraq. She received M. Sc in Biology, Environmental science and Pollution in 2015. Fattma Mohammed obtained her B. Sc in Biology, Microbiology in 1994; she worked since 1995 as a Teaching Assistant/Biologist in university. She has more than decades of long experience in Academic & teaching at University.  Fattma Mohammed is so much interested in all Biology Fields, Health Science, Microbiology, Bacteriology, Plant, Environmental Science & pollution, Limnology, algae, Archegoniate, Bio-indicators/bioremediation, Zoology, Ethno botanical plants/remedies, alternative medicine, Biochemistry, Organic & analytical Chemistry…ect.

Fattma Mohammed is a Certified Sworn Translator for English - Arabic - Kurdish Languages (Vice Versa)