Higher Education:

Ph.D. of Science (Biophysics), 2012, Department of Pharmacology & Biophysics, College of Medicine, Thesis Title: (Analysis of Oncogenic Cell Receptors Status in Breast Cancer Images)

Master of Science (Physics), 2003, Department of Physics, College of Education/University of Salahaddin, Thesis Title: (Supercurrent distribution in uniform and non-uniform Grain boundary Josephson junction and its use as a magnetometer).

Bachelor of Science (Physics), 1993 – 1994.   Department of Physics, College of Education/University of Salahaddin

Area of Interests/ Field of Research:

1) Medical image processing     2) Radiation Protection.      3) Radiation Dosimeters.  

4) Health Physics.       5) Biophysics.     6) Medical imaging.   7) Programming(Matlab)

8) Numerical analysis by Matlab

Employment History: 14-12-1994

Demonstrator, Department of Physics,College of Education, University of Salahaddin

2017---present:  Assist Prof., Department of Physics, College of Education

University of Salahaddin /Hawler, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Teaching Experience: 1994- present

Working in: Nuclear Lab.(4th year), Electronic Lab.(3rd year), Atomic Lab.(3rd year), General physics Lab.(1st year), Electricity and Magnetism Lab.(1st year). Advanced Programming Lab.(2nd year).

Teaching: Circuit Analysis (2nd year), Medical Image processing (MSc, Ph.D.), Medical Imaging (4th year, Science college), Programing(Matlab, 2nd year), Research methods(4 stage, MSc)

more than 18 researches