Tissue engineering Hemn J. Majeed MS.c. In tissue engineering/biochemistry (2015) University of salahaddin-Erbil/Iraq.

lecturer at the department of chemistr, college of education-Salahaddin University -Erbil since 2020

Assistant lecturer at the Department of chemistry, college of education, University of Salahaddin, Hawler(erbil) iraq. 

MS.c. Training (research project) Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center, Dept. of Matrix Biochemistry, NCMLS, Nijmegen-Netherlands (2014). 

Assistant lecturer at at the Dept. of Pathological Analysis, college of science, Knowledge University, Hawler (Erbil) iraq (2016-present). 

Assistant lecturer at the Dept. of Food technology and Soil & water, college of Agriculture, Salahaddin University, Hawler(erbil) iraq (2015-2016). 

Assistant lecturer at the Dept. of Pharmacy and Nursing,  GASHA Private Institute for Science and technology (2016- present). 

Assistant lecturer at the Dept. of pharmacy, Aynda Private technology institute (2018 - present)