Tissue engineering Hemn J. Majeed MS.c. In tissue engineering/biochemistry (2015) University of salahaddin-Erbil/Iraq.

Assistant lecturer at the Department of chemistry, college of education, University of Salahaddin, Hawler(erbil) iraq. 

MS.c. Training (research project) Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center, Dept. of Matrix Biochemistry, NCMLS, Nijmegen-Netherlands (2014). 

Assistant lecturer at at the Dept. of Pathological Analysis, college of science, Knowledge University, Hawler (Erbil) iraq (2016-present). 

Assistant lecturer at the Dept. of Food technology and Soil & water, college of Agriculture, Salahaddin University, Hawler(erbil) iraq (2015-2016). 

Assistant lecturer at the Dept. of Pharmacy and Nursing,  GASHA Private Institute for Science and technology (2016- present). 

Assistant lecturer at the Dept. of pharmacy, Aynda Private technology institute (2018 - present)