From my childhood, I had liked this interesting and enjoyable field "Biology", in spite of I didn't know it is called "Biology" in addition to the music and painting, where I followed all those programs presented in TV which related to the animals and plants world at that time. My dream was either to be as Robert Hooke and Robert Brown (when I studied their role in science lesson in the 8th class) or a musician.  I think that "Biology" is also Art.  

   In fact, the academic training and cultural exposure during my study helped my growth in many ways. I was able to acquaint myself with biotechnology and its applications in microbial systems and other biological systems. Also, I benefited a good deal from conducting laboratory researches. My research interests are in: Molecular Microbiology, Molecular Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology including using medicinal plants as anti-microbial, engineering enzymes, proteins to improve and treat those disorders in human.

Teaching Focus

   For the past thirteen years I have been teaching in laboratories of Microbiology, Pathogenic Bacteria, Comparative Anatomy of Chordates and Zoology.

   In three academic years ago, I've begun lecturing in Microbiology and Molecular Biology (Theory session), my overall goal is to expose students to the major groups of microbes characteristics, furthermore  to prepare students to independently evaluate all those principles that applied for microbiological studies,  to propose experimental approaches to test specific samples.  In Molecular Biology, to make them be familiar to the fundamentals of this science. Students attend two hours of lecture per week, I gave them the lecture previously to skim it for getting a background on that lecture, this to give a broad area for discussing important points in that lecture and may grow the sense of creativity in this field, but unfortunately our students do not have the responsibility toward the greatness and seriousness of what they will carry "the scientific degree" when they graduate. I always combine what they got from the lecture with the practical life by providing them with examples and this is clear in my questions in the exams. In addition, I use the motivating manner in my teaching process.

Furthermore, in the past academic year, I began lecturing Molecular Biology  (E-Learning), in addition to supervise practical session of this field.

   My goal in the foreseeable future is to introduce new topics that will keep the course fresh. I try to stay up to date on new teaching technologies to improve my teaching skills.