I received my Ph.D in Political Sociology from the University of Kurdistan Hewler in 2013. My dissertation examined the process of transition to democracy in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In 2007, I received my MA degree from Salahaddin University_Hewler and studied Inter-community relations in the two ethnically mixed cities of Hewler and Kirkuk. In the last few years, I have involved in a range of non-degree based programs. Among them, my participation in Conflict Analysis and Resolution at Queen Marry University of London and the Study of American Political Development at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst are of special significance. 

I was one of the key founders of the Department of Social Work at Salahaddin University and its first head from 2007-2013. In addition to my permanent job at Salahaddin University, I worked in the capacity of Service Contractor with a number of UN branches (including UNICEF, IOM, UNFPA), research consultant with INGOs (for example my research consultancy with PAX for PEACE) and project manager with Al-Massala Organization for Human Resource Development. 

My research revolves around three themes: transition to democracy in Kurdistan Region, inter-community relations and social capital and civil society.