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Objective :

I have a strong interest in all aspects of Economics. Most of my expertises are in FDI, Tourism economic,  Econometrics, Macroeconomics  Finance,Oil economics , Academic debate and critical thinking. Currently, I am looking for a Ph.D. research offer on my major in order to improve my experience and skills within my academic area.

Educational Qualifications:

1- Name of Institution:  Salahddin University / College of Administration and Economic

Name of Qualification: Master Degree  (M.Sc. degree) in Economics

Date/Duration: 2003 -2006

Degree Classification:  80.44%

2. Name of Institution: Salahaddin University / College of Administration and Economic

Name of Qualification:  Bachelor Degree (B.Sc. degree) in Economics 

Date/Duration:  From 1997-1998 to 2000-2001

GPA/Degree Classification:  88.084%   Rank (1) in a class of  (16)

Work Experience: 

1. Name of Organisation: Salahaddin University/ College of Administration and Economic

Position/Designation/Post: Lecturer

Date/Duration: 2011 till present 

Key Responsibilities: 

 - Teaching undergraduate student ( Three and four grades ) in banking and tourism department.

 - Each year I have been supervising  4-5 undergraduates on their research graduations and annual projects.

2- Name of Organisation: Institute of Management and Tourism

Position/Designation/Post:  Assistant  Lecture

Date/Duration: 2008 -2010

Key Responsibilities: Managing scientific affairs at the Institute of Management and Tourism. Additionally, teaching undergraduates.


1.Topic of  Workshop: Academic debate and critical thinking 

Date/Duration: 20-21 /12/2015  ( 2 days)

Place: Salahaddin University ( Conference Hall)

Name of Organisation arranged the Workshop: Salahaddin University /Directorate of Curriculum Development 

2-Topic of Training:  Administration  of travel agencies in the  Kurdistan\ Iraq

Date/Duration:  15-16\07 2009   ( 2 days)

Place: The Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology  in the region of Kurdistan

Name of Organisation arranged the Training: The Ministry of Higher Education and Tourism.

3- Topic of Training and Workshop: Teaching methods course

Date/Duration: 06/09/2008  to  17/03/2009   ( 6 months )

Place: Salahaddin University ( Conference Hall)

Name of Organisation arranged the Training and Workshop: Salahaddin University, vice president office for scientific affairs.

Degree Classification: Very good. Rank (4) in  a course of ( 163)


 4-Topic of Training :  Feasibility Study of Investment In New Project.

Date/Duration: 13-15 \02 \2008   ( 3 days)

Place: Kurdistan Board of Investment.

Name of Organisation arranged the Training: Kurdistan Board of Investment.

Conferences  Attended

1. International Tourism Conference in Erbil. 19 \ 03 \ 2016 under the title (Tourism companies associated with investment companies).

2-International Investment Conference in Arbil, 09 \ 03 \ 2015 under the title (Construct Iraq with each other).

3. The first conference of "The importance of small business in the access of the national labor policy" in Erbil 0.13 \ December \ 2012, with Participation of UNIDO, UNDA, the International Organization for Migration.

4. An international conference to promote US investment in Iraq 20 \ 02 \ 2007 in Erbil.

Professional Memberships:-

- An economical syndicate of  the Kurdistan region.

- Accounting syndicate of  the Kurdistan region.

- Member of economic development of  the Kurdistan region.

Language Skills:-

• Kurdish Native language.

• Arabic:-  speaking, reading and writing Excellent. 

• English :-speaking, reading and writing very good.


IT: Word Processing MS Word Excellent, Spreadsheet MS Excel Excellent,  Powerpoint MS Excellent, and the Internet All Applications Excellent.

Programming :- SPSS, E-views 8


• Interpersonal and communication skills. 

• Leadership skills and ability to work with a creative teamwork.

• Excellent learning capability and breadth of intellect to relate and understand the diverse area of the group.

Health: Excellent: non-smoker, non-disabled


Include football, Keeping Fit,  Tourism and visiting places , Music, and reading.

Philosophy of teaching in my academic life

I see teaching as involving a reciprocal relationship between teachers and students-I believe that teachers have duties to their students and that students have duties to their teachers.

I believe that it is my responsibility as a teacher to provide students with the following:

• an environment conducive to learning,

• the knowledge that will help them be successful in achieving their lives' goals,

• materials, opportunities, and feedback that will help them learn, and

• help in becoming and remaining motivated to be successful both in their studies and in applying their knowledge to solve problems in their lives.

I also believe that my students have duties to me, to their fellow students, and to themselves. I believe that these duties support me in fulfilling my duties to students. Thus, I believe that it is the students' responsibility to be supportive of the teacher and fellow students by being:

• Tolerant of different points of view,

• Prepared for class,

• Willing to work hard to complete course activities,

• Willing to bring their life experiences into the class to enrich discussions,

• Willing to try to apply what they learn in class to solve the problems they face in their jobs and in their lives.

Therefore, because of the reciprocal nature of the duties between teachers and students, I believe that it is a fundamental mistake to see students as customers or as clients because such a view incorrectly implies that the primary duties in the relationship are the teachers' duties to the students and virtually ignores the duties of students to their teachers, fellow students, and themselves.

Since I teach three different courses that span three different areas of Economic and tourism management, I provide a more detailed discussion of how my teaching philosophy relates to what and how I do things in each individual course.

In fact, the good teacher must know her subjects and how to help students learn those subjects. I know the good teacher must have a deep appreciation of how knowledge is created in the discipline, how it is organized and how it is linked to other disciplines. I use my knowledge of the discipline to expose my students to modes of critical thinking, encouraging them to analyze, apply, synthesize, and evaluate all they read and hear. I love the subjects I teach, and I know how to make them come alive for my students.

Finally, I believe a teacher lives to serve. A teacher is dedicated to learning, to his or her discipline, to his or her students, and to making the future the best possible place for all of us to live. These are the challenges I accepted when I chose to be a teacher. I remain committed to them.