Personal Information:

Full Name: Izaddin Abdul Samad Rasool

Academic Title: Assistant Professor




2009-2013: Ph.D. of Sociology. Bangor University, Wales/ UK.

2006: Certificate of Social Work practice. Canterbury Christ Church University, United Kingdom

2002 – 2004: Master of Sociology/Social problems. Salahaddin University-Erbil/ Kurdistan

1994 – 1998: Bachelor of Arts, Sociology. University of Salahaddin, Erbil/Kurdistan 



-          2004- Until now            Faculty Member and Lecturer, the Salahaddin Universty, College of Arts, Dep. Of Sociology. Erbil, Kurdistan/ Iraq.

-          2017-Until now               Teaching and supervising master and PhD students at Salahaddin Univeristy/ Erbil and Sulaimani University- Kurdistan Region/ Iraq.

-          9-16/8/2015                    Working for British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

-          2001-2002:                      Kurdistan Organization for Mine Awareness. Member of Mine Awareness for

-                                                     public people.

-          1999-2001:                      University of Salahaddin, Erbil, Iraq, Demonstrator.

-          2001:                              Kurdistan Organization for Mine Awareness (KOMA)


  • Database Management, Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).
  • Kobo Toolbox for collecting data.

Teaching experience:

-          Teaching social problems to undergraduate students. Also, social security for postgraduate students.

-          In addition, supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Research and publications

  • Izaddin A, Rasool (2016) Female suicide and attempted suicide in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Germany: Lambert Academic Publisher.
  • Izaddin Abdulsamad Rasool (2018) Bibliography of Sociological studies- Master and PhD thesis. Kurdistan Sociological and Psychological Association.


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  • 2014: Izaddin A. Rasool & Joanne L. Payton, Tongues of fire: women’s suicide and self-injury by burns in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The sociological review, UK.
  • 2017: Izaddin A. Rasool. Social factors for using nicknames on Facebook account: An online study in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Zakho Academic Journal. Zakho University Journal. No 4 (5): 909-926
  • 2017: Izaddin A. Rasool and Tavga F. Muhamad. The Sociodemographic characteristics of women in Hawler Shelter:A field study in Hawler Shelter. Salahaddin University Journal. No.6 (21): 426-449
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  • 2022: Izaddin Abdulsamad Rasool and Khdir Rasul Ababakr. War, Immigration, Oral Collision, and the Transmission of Values (Studying the content analysis of two novels “The Fall of the Heavens and the Period of Belkis Crying”) in the light of George Lukacs’ theory, Qalaai Zanist Journal, Lebanese French University/ Erbil, Vo. 2(7): 362- 398
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  • 2023: Kazm Zahed Muhamed and Izaddin Abdulsamad Rasool. Social identity among university students: A Field study in Sulaimani Universities. Journal of University of Sulaimani. Unpublished.
  • 2023: Kazm Mohamad Zahid Ahamad and Izaddin Abdulsamad Rasool. Patterns of Parental Behavior Among University Students: A Field Study in Sulaimany City Universities. Halabja University Journal. Unpublished.
  • 2023: Hardi Ziad Saleh and Izaddin Abdulsamad Rasool. Youth and Values Issue: A field study in the Kurdistan Region. Kurdish Academy Journal. Unpublished.
  • 2023: Hardi Ziad Saleh and Izaddin Abdulsamad Rasool. Quality of life among Youth: A field studies in the Kurdistan Region. Koya University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Unpublished.
  • 2023: Izaddin Abdulsamad Rasool. Shelter and Its Challenges from the Perspective of Administrative Staff. Koya University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Unpublished.

Conferences and courses

2011                                 Domestic violence against women, Dohuk, Kurdistan Region/ Iraq.

2011                                 2nd Global Conference on Making Sense of Suicide, Prague, Czech Republic.

2012                                  Second International Conference on Kurdish studies, Exeter/ UK.       

2017                          Second International Scientific Conference ‘Life, Civilization and Culture’, Zakho University, Kurdistan/ Iraq.

·       ‘Teaching Methods’ course, University of Salahaddin, Erbil, Kurdistan (2014)

·       Bangor GRAD School, Bangor University, Wales/ United Kingdom (2010)

·       Coaching and Mentoring Workshop for Social Work Educators in November 2022.                   


Professional memberships

2011                                 British Sociological Association.

2004 - Present                 Kurdistan Sociological Association.


Professional Social Network Accounts: