My name is (Jegr Hasan Mahmood). I was born on 28 October 1987 in a small village named (Bahrka), but now this village is getting larger, it's about 10km away from Erbil, I also grow up there, I started studying in this small village and finished my primary and high school in the same village. I succeeded in my primary and high school, then I chose Geography department at university of Salahaddin-Erbil , and my goal was studying, so I tried hard to get the highest mark at university in Geography department ,  and received a B.Sc. in July 2010,My marks consist of (%76,825). After graduation from 2011-2014, I was working as an assistant lecturer in the department of geography, College of Arts. After that I have applied for study master’s degree and I have started 2014 and I have finished 2017, I have qualified human geography and I have experience in using software’s like GIS and remote sensing, before one year ago I have contributed in the conference by the research (important geo economy natural pasture in Erbil governorate) at university of Dhok.