Mr Kamaran was born in 1988 in Shaqlawa/Erbil city. He started his primary and finished preparatory in 1994 to 2006.

then he started B.Sc. In agriculture college animal resources department in 2006-2007 and graduated in 2010, and he took first place in the department and second top student on the college.

he employed as a administrative. (restorative) in the mentioned department. In the begining on Nov.2013 he started M.Sc. on Molecular Genetics and finished in 2015.

He is now an assistant lecturer of Molecular Genetics and a reporter at department of animal resources Salahaddin university.

He has a good information in mapping of QTL affecting production traits on different chromosomes in animal farm using RFLP and RAPD markers. Improvement of quantitative production traits (meat, milk, fertility wool etc) in farm animal.using MAS. Detection of adulteration and identification of meat ad milk using molecular genetics techniques.