Have vast experience (over 39 years) in the field of Civil engineering including:  site engineer,, supervision, design, implementation and monitoring of different water and sanitation projects  more than Thirteen years worked in the field capacity building. Experience of more than eight years in implementing humanitarian programs with  as a WATSAN Assistant Project Manager in  UN(FAO and UNICEF) and also in tow INGOs (IRC and IRD) as WATSAN COORDINATOR for seven Governorate in Iraq. My BSc from Mosul University 1983. I Grant my MSc  from UK/2011 in field of Water and Waste water Engineering. I got a place in Engineering collage - Civil department SU in 2012, Teaching for Nine years, toughing Environmental Engineering and water supply. I Grant PhD in the field of treating the Petroleum wastewater treatment in 2023 from SU/CU Universities., I supervised many student project project for 4th class and also during this period I worked as a Deputy of the Salahaddin new Camp Project and as a member in the reviewing design committee concerning the Water and Wastewater issues.  Also as Head of Quality Assurance Committee for Civil Department. I participate in may international events in the field of Energy and sustainability in UK, Netherlands and Tanzania, Jordan and Lebanon. Currently I