kazhal is  a lecturer at Salahuddin University, Erbil, College of Agriculture, Department of Field Crops. she holds a MSc of Fiber Crops and PhD student

kazhal kamal muhammad  was born in March 1986 in Erbil, Kurdistan region, Iraq.  she got admission into the College of Agriculture engineering science, Department of Plant Production, University of Salahuddin, Kurdistan, in 2004/2005 and obtained hers BSc in Plant Production in 2007/2008. she graduated as the fourth best student in hers department. After hers graduation, she was directly employed as an Assistant Researcher at the same Department and College. In 2014, she obtained hers MSc at the Department of Field Crops, College of Agriculture engineering science, University of Salahaddin, Kurdistan/Iraq. During this time, she published two research one in 3rd international scientific conference agricultural sciences and the other in iraqe journal in agricultural science.