My name is Khalid Qadir Khidher, born in 1982 Hawler/Kurdistan. Got BSc. Degree in plant protection department 2005-2006, 3rd of the 10th BSc. Degree in the department. after employment in the department of plant protection, I Worked as a Demodulator (teaching assistant) in the department. 

I have started working as an assistant Lecturer and teaching practical courses to undergraduate students  after getting  MSc. Degree in 2012 in the same department / salahaddin University / Entomology. 

In May, 7, 2017, I got scientific promotion from Assistance lecturer to Lecturer. 

I gained PhD degree last year (2022)in specialization of Economic Entomology, at Salahaddin University-Erbil, College of Agricultural engineering Sciences, Plant protection Department, and I am teaching in the same department.