Khunaw MuhamadMahmod Ahmad



Place& date of birth: Erbil-7/8/1982

Place of residence: Erbil

Marital Status: married – Number of children:3

Graduate : Salahaddin University/Erbil /Iraq

College of Literature/Department of Ancient Archaeology

Date of graduation from the university: 25/6/2005

Total grades for the four years of university:81.721%

Place and date of the first employment: Ministry of culture /Directorate General of Archaeology /Department of Erbil Archaeology Museum-2/3/2006

Titled A. Observer/ Bachelor’s degree

For three years I worked as a research assistant

On 28/10/2007 I became in charge of the library department in Erbil museum

In 1/10/2006 I obtained a degree in computer science from the Higher Education and Scientific Researgh council ,Presidency of Salahaddin University

In 11/10/2009 I participated in an English course, language centre/Presidency University/University of Salahaddin/Erbil for 160 days successfully

In 11/10/2009 I transferred from the Ministry of tourism,the Directorate of Erbil archaeology to the Technical Education Authority/Institute of Geography Department

In 1/12/2010 I have been accepted to study a master’s degree in higher education, university of salahaddin, Erbil, College of Literature, Ancient Archaeology

In 27/10/2013 I got a master’s degree in university of salahaddin, Erbil, College of Literature, Ancient Archaeology

My master’s thesis title is (Clay Figurines and Plagues From The Old Babylonian Period Unpublished Selected Samples From The Iraqi Museum Artistic and Cultural Study)

My master’s degree is 80.555

In 8/1/2014 my degree was changed from Bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree

I have completed a course in teaching methods from 24/9/2013 to 4/11/2013

In 17/2/2014 I have obtained scientific title and I became an assistant teacher

In 28/2/2019 my title has been changed from teaching assistant to instructor

Inn 25/3/2019 I was transferred from the technical Administrative Institute Erbil to university of salahaddin College of Literature, Ancient Archaeology Department

At the present time I have been working as a lecturer in the department of archaeology for four years in College of Literature and I give lecture in the specialty of which is ancient art and I teach the ancient civilization in Mesopotamia to the first grade and archaeology and tourism to the forth grade.

Thank you for your consideration.


Khunaw Muhamad…