I get my B.Sc. in 2011 at Salahaddin University-Erbil-Iraq. Then, three years I follow the department as an assistant lecturer in the Geology department. In addition, I taught more than eight subjects during those years which are General geology, petroleum geology, subsurface geology, sedimentology, petrography, geomorphology, Environmental Geology, geochemistry, and Field Geology. In 2012, I was award participated DAAD summer school in Iraq for the petroleum Geology course and certificates. Then, for next year, in 2013 I was award participated DAAD summer school in Germany for the petroleum Geology course and certificates. In 2013, I was nominated to become the stuff of training undergraduate students in the field.  Then, in 2015 I award with HCED Scholarship (the higher committee for education development in Iraq) to continue my M.Sc. in the United Kingdom. Then I did my Diploma in English and M.Sc. successfully in petroleum geoscience in the institute of petroleum Engineering/Heriot-watt University /United Kingdom in 2017. Finally, I come back to my country to our department for teaching continues. Furthermore, I worked with different international companies for Geology, Petroleum, Logging geologist, Field geologist, Geotechnical Engineering, Well site geologist and Geologist Supervisor. My last position was Supervisor of geologists at Trevi S.P.An international company.  

My research interest includes studying Wireline logs, Formation Evaluation, Hydrocarbon Reservoir characterization,  Reservoir Geology, Reservoir Sedimentology, Fracture characterization, Drilling Properties, Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Geophysics, Petroleum Basin, Petroleum system evaluation and General Geology.

currently I am a PhD student of Petroleum Geology in Geology Department.