Dr Muhamad Abdullah Hamad: He a faculty member of physics Department of Education College at Salahaddin University/ Hawler -.(IRAQ). He was born in Sulaymaniah-Iraq in 1969. He received his BSc. (Physics) and M.Sc. (Nuclear Physics) from the University of Salahaddin-Erbil in 1990 and 2000, respectively. He completed his PhD (Molecular Physics and laser) at the College of physics, University of Baghdad-Iraq in 2009. He published many scientific articles and He participated in many local conferences. He is now has interesting to do researches in photonic crystals, photonic nano materials, preparing nano particles by sol-Gel and Green synthesis method and also surface plasmon resonance.He is a Member of Iraqi Physicists and Mathematician's Syndicate, Since 1990.He is now a member of Molecular and laser science group in college of science- Baghdad University science 2005, Kurdistan Teachers Union since 2006 and  Kurdistan Physicists' Syndicate since 2006, 


Salahaddin University College of Education Department of Physics Erbil- Kirkuk Road, Erbil Kurdistan Region Iraq

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