Name: Mohamed Fakhruddin Mohamed

*He completed primary school at Noman bin Al-Mundhir School in Qadir Karam and Lana School in Erbil. *He completed middle and middle school in Erbil 1991.

 *He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies at the College of Arts, Salah al-Din University, Erbil, 2003.

 *He obtained a Master’s degree - in the field of Islamic belief and thought at the College of Islamic Sciences / Saladin University - Erbil / 2003.

 *He obtained a doctorate degree - in the field of doctrine at the College of Islamic Sciences / Saladin University - Erbil / 2023.

 *He obtained the academic title (assistant teacher) in 2015. *He obtained the academic title (teacher) in 2023.

*I wrote more than 15 scientific papers through my academic studies, between published and unpublished in peer-reviewed scientific journals. * She participated in many scientific and cultural conferences, conferences, and seminars inside and outside the country. 

*Member of the teaching staff at the College of Islamic Sciences/ Saladin University.

 Language Qualification:  

• Fluent in Kurdish and Arabic writing and speaking.

• Average in English.

• In the field of journalism:

• Active member of Kurdistan Press Association

• Active member of the International Federation of Journalists (FIJ).

• I have hundreds of articles published and translated in newspapers, magazines and websites in Kurdistan in various fields of political, social and cultural ...

• Numerous courses in the fields of English, computer, human and cultural development ...

• I have serious interests in the field (body language) and have good experience in it.

• The author under the title: (The impact of ideology in the construction of character) and now under printing.


• For (3) years as Director of Media Presidency Polytechnic Colleges of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

• For 2 years I was a press secretary for the Minister of Culture.

• For (2) years Editorial Secretary (Hawasang) issued by the Faculty of Islamic Sciences University of Salahaddin.

• My term of service is more than (25) years, and the title of my job now (assistant teacher at the University of Salahaddin).