I am chemistry, Specific Specialization (inorganic chemistry) 121- Gullan Erbil, Kurdistan Region-Iraq.  

          I was born on 9 April in 1974 in Dargalla village - Rawanduz, I am married and I have two sons. I graduated from preparatory School in Kurdistan School, completed in June 1994, I graduated from the Chemistry department-college of science at Salahaddin University and with a Bachelor of Science in July 1998 (Ranked 2nd in department). I was employed at the chemistry department-college of science in 2000. I worked as an assistant chemist for about eight years in the practical general chemistry lab, industrial chemistry lab, identification chemistry lab, organic chemistry lab, biochemistry lab, analytical chemistry lab and finally in inorganic chemistry lab.

         In May of 2011, I completed M.Sc. degree of inorganic chemistry at Salahaddin University and I worked as an Assistant lecturer in Chemistry department in 2012, I am teaching theoretical and practical inorganic chemistry so far for 3rd stage of students, I taught other lessons outside of my college such as practical analytical chemistry for 1st  class students of agricultural college- Salahaddin university, theoretical and practical analytical chemistry for 1st  class students in private Rawanduz institute 2018-2019, theoretical and practical inorganic chemistry 3rd class students in chemistry department, science college- Rayna university in 2019-2021.