I am interested in historical studies and philosophy of history and civilization. I got bachelor degree in general history and a master degree in Islamic history and philosophy of history. My thesis title is geographic factor and its impact on the history of the Kurds during the centuries 10 and 11 AD. And I have Diploma: of Teaching Methods and Research Methodology Education. Now I work as an assistant teacher in the Faculty of Arts, University of Salahaddin- Erbil. Although, I’m specialist in history, I enjoy a range of other skills, including information technology I have -ICDL (International Computer Driving License) certificate. Also I worked in humanitarian field with a group of international organizations and I got more than 10 certificates in the mentioned field such as (Child protection in emergency, EIE Teacher Training on healing classroom and teacher well-being, Psychosocial Support, TOT Trainer of healthy (wash up) habits, Para-Social Skills CHAST and PHAST, teaching in crisis) With UNICEF, WORLD VISION INTERNATINAL and TDH organizations. And I got another certificate in European Union integrated rule of law mission for Iraq; Attended the EUJUST LEX intervention in 2009 in the following topics: International standards, Human rights, Prisoner care and Staff conduct. Then I participated in the Active Citizens Program with BRITISH COUNCIL, That I provided three projects for improving education, and giving more support to disabilities in basic schools.