Born in 1955 in Kirkuk.  Attended Kurdistan Highschool-Kirkuk in Kirkuk.  Did bachelor degree in Arts-English, University of Mosul-Iraq in 1983.  I did my MA in International Relations, University of Guelph-Canada.  And in 1993, I did my PhD in Middle East studies, University of Toronto-Canada.  In 2001, I did the second Bachelor degree in Ontario College of Education, University of Toronto-Canada.  I have taught in the University of Ryerson in Canada and University of Toronto.  I taught also at International Islamic University in Malaysia.  Since 2011, I have been teaching in Kurdistan in Universities of Salahadin, Soran, Jihan, UKH.  I have been also a visiting lecturer since 2015 at the Middle East Institute, Sakarya University-Turkey.