Dr. Radwan Ali (Known as Radwan Badini) (Professor Assistant) M: +964 750 452 1167 • E: Salahadin University, College of Arts, Media Department Erbil, Kurdistan - Iraq 

Media expert, Journalist


Competence and field of work

▪ A news writer and researcher in the field of media. Teaching at the School of Journalism on the History of World Journalism, Sociology of the communication and public relation, Introduction to the Journalism and Television Work Arts.

▪ Media expert in the field of political and cultural issues and international relations between Eastern and Western Europe on the one hand and between this group and the Arab states on the other hand.

▪ Coordinator for multilateral societies.




French, Russian, English, Arabic, Kurdish (kurmanci and Sorani dialects)


Productivity know-how

▪ The practice of various journalistic writing arts (article, reportage, interview, etc.) in reading and audio-visual media. Media Enterprise Manager (branch) and the organization and conduct of public relations;

▪ Preparation and presentation of television programs on political, economic and cultural topics, based on both theoretical and practical history, on geographical areas such as Eastern and Western Europe and the Middle East;

▪ The composition and preparation of integrated plans for media and advertising projects and drawing features and prospects to fit with the surroundings and with the proliferation of prevailing social and economic conditions. Verification of strategic and tactical harmony and balance within a comprehensive regional vision;

▪ Conducting diverse studies and comparisons of all aspects of the environment on and identify the unique characteristics to develop a plan for targeted advertising and marketing services production and political advertising.


Study and scientific rehabilitation


1972-1976 Faculty of Law at the University of Damascus;

1977-1983 Diploma (MSc) degree "with excellence" Faculty of Journalism - Moscow State University (MGU);

1983-1986 achieved the degree of Doctor of Journalism, Faculty of Journalism- Moscow State University (MGU);

1987-1989 Diploma from the University of Paris X (Nanterre), on "The Press: a living language of trade";


Contribution to conferences, seminars and international scientific symposiums, media and various workshops affecting a wide range of topics related to jurisdiction, including:


▪ Twenty-sixth Conference of the International Federation of Journalists Moscow in July 2007

▪ UNESCO-conference "for the development of curricula and courses to teach media" Oman in June 2009

▪ Conference WJEC "World Journalist Educators Congress" Graham’s town- South Africa 2010 

▪ "TV bets teaching and education", Tunisia in October 2010 Conference

▪ "Methods for updating and developing journalism curricula colleges and sections of the media," New Jersey / USA 2011 Session


Practical and experience

1989-1990 interpreter (French-Russian) and commercial facilities for delegates to several French companies operating in the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe, "Alpha", "Stoke d’Europe", Paris - France;

1990-1992 commercial director of the company, "Ako International" Paris- France;

1992-1997 Director General of the French company "Rax International." PARIS (suburb Pantin);

1998-2000 translator and an expert in commercial exchanges between Eastern and Western Europe affairs in favor of several French companies: "King David", "Lear" and others. Paris;

2001-2004 full-time research and interpreter, issuance of two books, one translation from Russian to Arabic.

2005 –Tel now, lecturer in media and sociology of communication at the University of Salahaddin (Erbil, Iraq)

2005-2007 producer and presenter of a weekly television program “Kurdish orbit “in "Zagros T.V." in Arabic.

2007-2011 Head of the Media Department of Salahaddin University / Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan/

2012-2014 Supervisor of Kurdish television program ARK



Political activities

- The first "Washington conference on the Kurdish question in Syria," in March 2006.

- Member of the Executive Bureau of the first conference of the Syrian opposition abroad “Syrian Conference for Change" (Antalya) 01/06/2011) - (a representative of the eight parties of the Kurdish movement);

- Contribution to all Syrian opposition conferences between2011-2012, (last one 10-12 / 1/2012)

- As former member of the (Antalya), member of delegations to Moscow twice (June, September 2011); Paris (07/04/2011); Berlin (July 2011); Cairo (November 2011), Washington (June 18 to 23, 2012)…

- PILPG Washington Consultation June 2012

- Member of the Syrian opposition delegation to the Geneva Conference 2 (Technical Consultant) (22-Enyerely February 1, 2014), with the Kurdish party;

- Member of the Follow-up Committee (responsible for file archiving and Data Bank), "the Syrian Commission for information" under construction Istanbul (October 2014).

- President of the Institute of Media and Political Research (December 2014)

- Geneva talks)7(, (July 2017), Work on drafting the new Syrian constitution, under the supervision of a group of international experts

Books and publications


1. "Cegerxwin - the mirror of Kurdish people" (in Arabic). Beirut 1986;

2. Doctoral thesis: "The specification of Kurdish journalism in Diaspora, years 1975 to 1985” in the Russian language;

3. "For the sake of Kurdistan" (translation from Russian to Arabic), Beirut, 1987;

4. "Strange bird" (collection of short stories in Kurdish), Stockholm, 1991;

5. "Lion and the Kurds: The law of the jungle" in Russian, Moscow 2004

6. "Syria's Kurds: an appointment with history." (In Arabic) Paris 2005;

7. " Kurdistan - Russia: Kurdish diplomat’s notes", the translation from Russian to Arabic, Duhok- Iraq in 2006

8. History and sociology of the international press, Arbil, 2010

● And more than 250 articles and study in Arabic, Kurdish, French, Russian and English languages