Asst.Prof.Dr. Dr. Raghad Zuhair Yousif was born in Baghdad –Iraq in1975. Earned a bachelor's degree in electronics engineering and communications in 1998 from the University of Baghdad -College of Engineering. From Al-Mustansriyha University, College of Engineering, he graduated with a master's in Electronic Engineering and Communications in 2001. Earning a PhD in communication and information technology from the university of Technology-Iraq department of electronics and electrical Engineering in 2005. Currently employed as an academic at Salahaddin University College of Science as an awarding assistant professor since April 2011. Presented in various public and private universities in Iraq's Kurdistan Region. He has lectured and supervised numerous master's and doctoral students in numerous master's and doctoral programs. Participant on various master's and doctoral degree examination committee’s numerous scientific conferences both inside and outside of Iraq. His academic work has been published both within and outside of Iraq. Winner of the 2003 third-place award for the greatest scholarly investigation in the field of information security. Possesses a qualification in e-learning programs for training UNISCO. Founders of the Catholic University's Computer & Information Technology. Division competency member of the Hadyab Society's administrative board. His fields of interest include: Wireless communication system ,5G, Radio over fiber, Free space optics, Network coding, Medical imaging and Artificial intelligence.