As an academic staff, it is my responsibility to know who my students are, what kinds of knowledge and experience they have, and what they want to achieve so that I can tailor a course book that fits their needs and hopes. By assessing where my learners are with respect to our mutual learning goals, I can provide the science they need to build connections between what they already know and the new understandings they seek to learn. I believe that teachers who demonstrate curiosity and passion about a subject area motivate students to learn and so choose to co-teach with colleagues whose scholarship and expertise are complementary to mine. In My opinion, the goal is for students to feel safe to share their own intellectual discoveries so that everyone, including the lecturer, will learn from each other. Not only should a teacher talk about and actively promote thought-provoking educational and engaging learning opportunities, but he should be sensitive and open to the potential innovative ideas that his students will have to offer as well.

MY Vision.

The students will encouraged to be able to effectively use the skills acquired to help identify and pursue any objectives in a practical manner throughout life. Furthermore, not only students succeed in learning how to plan for and balance the interesting opportunities that life will present for them, but they will also inspire others, by their example, to want to learn how to do the same.


My Mission.

It is my mission, the lecturer should not just try to go through the suggested standards the best way he/she can. I will go out of my way, to prepare as a lecturer, by keeping in mind that I could only expect students to work hard if I do the same. Therefore, if I expect students to develop the skills necessary to thrive in their lives, I must set the example. I pledge to be the best role model that I could be for the benefit of the lives of my students.