I obtained a bachelor’s degree in statistics in 1993 from the College of Administration and Economics/Salahaddin University. My ranking was second in the department and among the top ten in the college. I was appointed with the title (research assistant) in the same college and gave practical lectures to the department’s students from the period (1993). -2003) I obtained a Master’s degree in statistical sciences in 2005 and worked as a faculty member in the Statistics Department until now. I obtained a doctorate degree in (statistical sciences) and my general specialty is (Applied Statistics) and precision (multivariate- Image Processing). I have experience in analyzing statistical data for most specialties (medical, engineering, administrative, economic, etc.) (Data Analyst)

Programs that I have experience (SPSS, Minitab, STATA, E-Views, Statgraphics, Medcalc, MATLAB, JASP, AMOS, ImageJ)