Name :Assistant Professor Dr Rizgar Bakr Weli

ناو:د. رزگار بكر ولي

 (Lecturer in Mechanical and Mechatronics  Engineering Department)

date and  place of birth: January 21st 1960 / Erbil-Iraq

 Marital status: Married

Home Address: Iraq-Erbil, New Zanko Village


Places and posts:

A- Places of Working:

1- Space and Astronomical research centre, Scientific Research Council, Baghdad, 13/12/1984 to 1/10/1988, 

2- Msc. student at the University of Technology, Baghdad, 1988  to 16/11/1990.

3- Space research centre, Baghdad, 26/11/1990 to 27/9/1992

4- Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Salahaddin University-Erbil 28/10/1992 up to date 

B- Posts:

1- Head of mechanical engineering department / College of Engineering/ 2001-2011

2- Head of the Quality assurance unit in the College of Engineering/ 2011-2013.

3- Head of Mechanical Engineering Department/ 2013-2016