I am now a  Professor in Political Science in Political System and Public Policy Department, College of Political Science at Salahaddin University-Erbil, can be subdivided into three areas: teaching, administration, research.

I enjoy teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Teaching is very rewarding, and it allows me to interact with the students. My teaching for (16 years) portfolio includes undergraduate and graduate level courses.   I have taught a different course in BA., MS., and PhD. in college of Political science. during my academic professional I have supervised 18 MS. PhD, and several BA students.  I believe in team work. I think that this quality assurance strongly helped academic staff to improve their teaching and researching skills. I have a strong relationship with my students and believe that the healthy relationship and trust beside a strong scientific background and teaching skills can create a successful teacher.

I was in academic positions as a Dean of college of Political Science from 2006-2007.

I am active in media, TV, Radio, Newspaper, social media, Facebook.