I have worked in several type of laboratories such as analytical chemistry Lab, Organic chemistry lab, organic identification lab and biochemistry lab. I used many types of instruments and techniques for analysis the sample during my study. Today, these instruments are wildly used in the many company and lab.the following names are some instruments which I used to analysis of sample: 1- UV-Vis-Spectrophotometry 2- Size exclusion Chromatography. (SEC) 3- gas Chromatography- Mass spectroscopy (GCMS) 4- Nuclear magmatic resonances (NMR) 5- capillary zone electrophoresis 6- High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) 7- ............etc. I work on the extraction the polysaccharides in many samples and identification the structure of the molecular. I have done the research on the bioactive polysaccharides and I want to use some polysaccharides as antioxidant reagent to treat cancer. I have some idea in the forensic chemistry for using same basic principle of chemistry to solve crime and develop the latent fingerprint.