During 1997- 2000 , I was a student at Salahaddin University/ Iraq.  I was doing my BA in Econimic at Collge of Adminstration and Economic.  Four years after my graduation, I did my MA in the same field and at the same univesity.  My disseration was about The Imapct of Economic Changes on Patterns of Family Consumption in Erbil City for 2005.  Not to mention, I am currently a lecturer at Salahaddin University.  I have three published papers which are all about economic topics. 

1- Estimating the Expenditure Elasticity of the Demand for Groups of Commodities and Service over Iraq in 2011The impact of the new 

 2- salary system on the nature of Consumptive Expenses for the Employees of salahaddin university –Erbil in 2016 and 2017

3- The impact of the financial crisis on the nature of consumption expenditure for the students living in the dormitory.