My name is Sameerah Saleh Ahmed. I graduated to be a primary teacher in Mjesar/Sedakanin 1997. After serving as an enthusiastic  English teacher in primary and intermediate schools from 1997 to 2004 in different places like, Sedakan, Soran districts. I decided to continue my study to get my Bachelor Degree/  in English Language from College of Education/Soran University in (2007-2008). Then I continued my study and get my Master Degree/ MA in English language (Applied Linguistic) in (2011-2012) in college of  basic Education/Salahaddin University in Erbil. My MA thesis focused on the Assessment of the Sunrise Program in Erbil City and Soran District, to reveal the weak and strong points of the new program (Sunrise Coursebook) in Kurdistan Schools particularly in these two areas.

I am interested with subjects of teaching methods, psycho-linguistics and language, assessment, artificial intelligence and curriculum and Education stuffs.