Salahaddin University-Erbil

Academic Curriculum Vitae


Personal Information:    

-         Full Name: Samir S. Shaba Eliyah

-         Academic Title: Assistant Professor

-         Academic Email:

-         Personal Email:

-         Mobile: 07504496027


-         BA in Arabic Language, 1991 (Salahaddin University)

-         MA in Modern Arabic Literature,1996 (Salahaddin University)

-         PhD in Modern Literary Criticism, 2005 ( Salahaddin University)


-         BA in Arabic Language, 1991

-         MA in Modern Arabic Literature, 1996

-         PhD in Modern Literary Criticism, 2005


-         1991-1997 Teacher in secondary schools.

-         1997 Assistant Lecturer, College of Education.

-         2005 Lecturer, College of Education.

-         2009 Assistant Prof. College of Education.


-         Teaching qualifications:

-         IT qualifications; good knowledge of computer systems and software: MS Windows , Network- Internet - Social Media.

-         English proficiency qualifications (intermediate level)

-         German language proficiency qualifications (intermediate level)

-         Arabic Language Proficiency Qualifications (Excellent Level)

-         Kurdish language proficiency qualifications (very good level)

-         Chaldean (Syriac) language proficiency qualifications (mother tongue)

-         More than 30 years of experience in the field of media and journalism.

-         Work in the voluntary field

-         25 years of experience in civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations(NGO).


Teaching experience:

-         in undergraduate students:

Contemporary literary criticism, modern Arabic literature, Abbasid literature, Islamic literature, Andalusian literature, literature of late ages, logic, comparative literature, expression and conversation, analysis of literary texts, critical approaches, prosody and rhythm, academic skills, rhetoric, literary doctrines research methodology, graduate research.

-         Graduate Studies (Masters and PhD):

Contemporary critical approaches, philosophy of aesthetics, literary doctrines, text analysis, modern critical studies, contemporary literary studies.

supervision and discussion

-         Supervised a number of master's and doctoral dissertations.

-         discussed several master's theses and doctoral dissertations

Activities, positions and professional membership:

-         Poet, writer, researcher, critic, journalist, and academic

-         Founder and editor of the Radya Chaldaya magazine, 1999.

-         One of the founders and the Vice-President of the Association of Chaldean and Syriac Authors and Writers in Iraq, 2003

-         One of the founders of the Chaldean Culture Society1998, and member of the administrative board for three consecutive sessions from 1998 to 2003, and currently a member of the general board.

-         - Vice-President of the Chaldean Culture Society from 2001 to 2003 and the public   information officer

-         One of the founders of Shimsha Band for Acting, 2000

-         Member of the Syndicate of Journalists in Kurdistan

-         Member of the Association of Authors and Writers in Iraq

-         Member of the Secretariat of the Conference of the Syriac language 2005 - 2008

-         Member of the International Federation of Press

-         - Member of the Presidency of the Popular Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Congress held in   Iraq, March 2007

-         Head of Studies and Research, then secretary of the news editor in Ishtar TV Channel from 2005 to 2006

-         Lecturer at the Pontifical Babel College for Philosophy and Theology, and a nonpermanent lecturer in other colleges.

-         Member of various academic scientific committees 

-         One of the founders of the Catholic University in Erbil 2015

-         Member of the Board of Trustees of the Catholic University in Erbil

-         Scientific and linguistic advisor to the periodical magazine Banipal, which is issued by the General Directorate of Syriac Culture and Arts in the region.

-         Literary Works - Publishing six books: four collections of poetry and a critical book. In addition to one unprinted book.

-         Publishing hundreds of political, literary, cultural and social articles and researches 

-         in various newspapers, magazines and websites.

-         Reviewing various scientific and literary books and researches scientifically, linguistically and methodologically.

-         -Publishing several scientific researches in the field of his specialization in authentic scientific journals.

-         Participating in various cultural, literary, linguistic and professional and scientific conferences.

-         Participating in various political, literary, cultural, artistic and civil festivals, forums, seminars and lectures.

-         being an activist in the fields of culture, minority rights and civil rights.

-         Continuing to write from 1990 until now.

-         Winning several local literary awards for his works.

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