I graduated from the department of statistics/ college of Administration & Economic- Salahaddin University in year 1996. My graduation study was under the title of " A Statistical Study on Stomach and Esophagus Ulcer Patients in Rizgari Hospital of Erbil Governorate ". I started working as a researcher assistant in year 1998, after around 9 years of my employment services and doing several filed surveys and studies I admitted in University of Kurdistan - Hawler to study Master of science in economic and finance in year 2007. My study was about "The Agriculture Sector in Kurdistan Region with emphasis on the Supply of Wheat: Econometric Models" where I finished it with distinction in year 2010. I resumed working as chief researchers in August 2010 at college of Administration and Economic, then in 2011 after fulfilling the necessary requirements I became a member of the faculty staff in economic department until now. I taught the courses of: Mathematics, Economic Theories in English, Economic Statistics, SPSS, and Principals of microeconomics and macroeconomics. I can speak Kurdish, English, and Arabic languages.