Since July 2010, I'am employed in the University of Salahaddin Erbil, among the teaching staff of the Department of Archeology -faculty of Arts. 

I got my PhD at the University of Paris1-La Sorbonne in Paris-France in 2017, and a Master in the same University in 2013, and before I got a Master in the University of Salahaddin-Erbil in 2009. 

I'am specialized in the third Millennium epigraphic sources written in  Sumerian and Akkadian languages. I studied different facades of Mesopotamian civilization in the light of third Millennium documentation, as the socio-economic occupations of women during the third Millennium B.C, that was the topic of my PhD. I studied in my first Master an unpublished  collection of administrative texts from Ur III period conserved in Sulaimanniyeh Museum, and I approached the Boat building technics in my second Master thesis.