Sattar O. Hasan is a Staff member of physical Department of Education College at Salahaddin University/ Hawler.

       He earned a BSc degree in Physics at 1990-1991 with first class honor from Physical department of Education college, university of Salahaddin, MSc degree in theoretical nuclear physics at 1998-1999 under the title of “The Background Function Effects on the Analysis of Gamma-Ray Spectrum” with honor degree from Physical department of Science college, university of Salahaddin, and a PhD in communication “Electromagnetic Theory” at 2006-2007 with the title of “Analysis and Design of Compact Microstrip Antenna Using Cavity Model” from Physical department of Science college, university of Salahaddin.

       From 2000-2002, He was a head of register unit within the college of education, during 2002-2003 he was a deputy of deans of Education College, University of Salahaddin. He was a representative of teaching staff at College of Education for about eight years. He was a dean of Hawler Tourism Technical Institute during the years of 2008-2010 and also He was a dean of Hawler Technology Institute during the years of 2010-2014. Now he was an assistant professor in theoretical Electromagnetic Theory “Field of Communication”, and he have about Twelve research publications in different field of physics. My research interests span a number of topical themes in electromagnetic wave propagation, theoretical physics and mobile communication. Finally, He supervised Four MSC students and One PhD student in the field of Communication.