Shaida Anwer Kakil

Iam   Lecturer   at university of Salahaddin, college of science department of physics.

I am interesting in performing studies related to Optical device,Quantum Computational and Nanotechnology

 I am graduated from college of Science, university of Salahaddin since 2012, then after I awarded Msc. Degree in Physics (Optoelectronics) under title “Preparation and Investigation of Photodetectors based on ZnO Crystals Grown on Silicon and Porous Silicon Surfaces”  since   2016 and then  pointed  as an assistant lecturer at university of Salahaddin .

In 2018 I am  Lecturer  at university of Salahaddin . 

also I have many papers on Optical devices after Master degree  , for more details about them are included in my CV.

During my academic life I have tough, the following subjects for undergraduate students General Physics Lab , Optical Lab ,Laser Lab  and Laser interaction with tissue theoretical.

I am participated in many international and local conferences and I published many scientific articles. Now  Iam  PhD student  through split side program between (Salahaddin  and  Milan university) working in Quantum Computional.

I was member of:

1)    Kurdistan Teachers Union since 2012.

2)    Kurdistan Physicists' Syndicate since 2012.