Name: Shakhawan H. Mahmood, MSc (Advanced Computer Science)                  

Gender: Male

Marital status: Married

Date of Birth: April 24th 1982

Place of Birth: Sulaimaniyah – Iraq

Personal Statement

A responsible and experienced lecturer who possesses eight years teaching, training and project supervision in the field of IT and Computer Science. Additionally, as a professional IT and administration manager who have got approximately 15 years of experience in administrative/office works and IT management with several construction and general trading companies, I have capability to prepare reports and present seminars, when required, about work related topics to the relevant staff.

A serious, sincere and enthusiastic person at work with good and quick adaptability to new circumstances, once the responsibilities are known, no one needs to tell what to do and everything will be on the right way. Moreover, I am able to organize people and systems in order to achieve goals and I am also used to working under pressure and meet strict deadlines.

The final point that deserves to be discussed is that new challenges are always warmly welcomed and I really like trying new opportunities and challenges in order to be in a dynamic situation all the time.