I have finished my undergraduate study with honour degree in the Department of History at College of Arts, University of Salahaddin-Erbil. Following that, I awarded a place to study master in modern Kurdish history at the same department. Then, I awarded a place to do a PhD in modern Kurdish history. Now, I am a assistant professor  at the Department of History at the University of Salahaddin. I also administrate  Higher Education Department for College of Arts.


Intellectually, I have a broader contribution in the fields of writing about Erbil history and influential characters in the history of the city. In this sense, I have published several articles in local magazine and newspapers such as Mêĵû magazine, K21 magazine.

Publicly, I have a more extensive contribution and published many articles about the history of the Kurds in some local publications. Bardkhan, Brayati and Khebat publications are some of the local daily and weekly newspapers that published some of my work. I have involved in presenting about the political history of Erbil at many seminars, conferences organised by civil societies in different occasions related to modern Iraqi history. I have also contributed to uncovering historical facts in many TV programmes related to the political role the Kurds play in the contemporary history of Iraq. The last TV programmes I participated were in both K24 and Rega satellite channels.

Apart from academia, I also have contributions in writing poems, and I have published some of my work in both Badrkhan weekly issued journal, and Brayati daily newspaper.


  • Member of Kurdistan Teachers’ union.
  • Foundation member of Kurdistan Historical Culture Association (KHCA).
  • An Elected member at the first and second congress for KHCA.
  • Member of the editorial board for “Mêĵû” magazine.

Language skills: Kurdish is my first language, and I am fluent in Arabic as it is my second language. I also know a bit of Farsi and have good English language skills.

Training: I have participated in many training including Teaching Methodologies, English language courses, and improving IT skills.

Published books:

  • Khoshnaw, Sh (2009) هه‌ولێر له‌نێوان ساڵانى 1958-1963 لێكۆڵینه‌وه‌یه‌ك له‌ بارودۆخى سیاسیى [Erbil from 1958 –1963: A study about its political circumstances].
  • Khoshnaw, Sh (2016) كتێى هه‌ولێر له‌نێوان ساڵانى 1963-1970لێكۆڵینه‌وه‌یه‌ك له‌ بارودۆخى سیاسیى [Erbil from 1963 – 1970: A study about its political circumstances].