Suad Najmaldin Mohiaedin

I have finished my BSc in industrial chemistry at university of Baghdad in 1976 worked in 1977 at electronic industries company EIC till 1982.

1982-1983- obtained   MSc degree in petrochemical and industrial chemistry from  Manchester University-UK   

1983-1988- obtained PhD degree in synthetic industrial chemistry from Manchester University-UK.

worked as postdoctoral researcher at Salford University on synthesis of marine natural product. from 1988-1989-. the research project was successful and five publication  were published on this research work.

worked as postdoctoral researcher and part-time lecturer at Manchester  university from 1989-1996 at two different research project synthesis of elemental fluorinating agents and odour sensors  the work was successful several publications (9) and one Patent was published.

worked at Zeneca for four years(1996-2000) on synthesis textile Dyes. Worked for  another 5 years  at Avecia  (2000-2006) on synthesis and application of  organic semiconducting polymers. 5 publications and 3 patents were published on this project.

worked as lecture in higher education colleges in Manchester -UK. from 2006-2012.

worked as lecturer at Salahaddin University from 2012-  to date.