my name is Tablo Abdulrahim Ahmed i am a lecturer in the Environmental Science and  health department in the college of science Saladin  university I have worked as assistant lecturer for 4 years at different subjects including: general biology, Microbiology, molecular, Eco-physiology,  Environmental pollution in Soran university.  I am interested in bioremediation and environmental pollution also, I Published four papers:

1-Lead, Nickel and Copper Concentration and Related Factors in Some Uncooked Vegetables Irrigated by Wastewater

2-Quality evaluation of some bottled water that available in Hawler city, Iraq

3-Fungal isolates and their bioremediation for pH, chloride, tph and some toxic heavy metals

4- Bacterial Isolates and their Bioremediation for pH, Chloride, TPH and Some Toxic Heavy Metals