I graduate from Salahaddin University in 2002. I was ranked as the 2nd student. I started working as a biological assistant  for three years after my graduation. In 2009 I got my MSc degree in Molecular Biology, where my MSc project was related to the molecular diagnosis of Hepatitis C virus in Thalassemic patients and blood donors. I became an Assistant Lecturer at my department and started teaching practical Molecular Biology, Medical Entomology. 

In 2010 I applied for a scholarship in order to get my Ph.D. In 2017 I got my Ph.D degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, USA in Molecular Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry. Once I returned back to Kurdistan/Iraq, I became the Rapporteur of Biology department meanwhile  I have started teaching Medical Entomology (Theoretical part) and supervising the practical laboratory classes for Medical Entomology. Also Practical Sewage and Soil Microbiology for the third year students and General Microbiology (Theoretical part) for the second year students.